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 How To Join

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Your Lion King
Your Lion King

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PostSubject: How To Join   Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:45 pm

I want to join. What do I need to do?
If you would like to join, you need to register on this forum.

I want to register. What kind of name can I use?
Please, choose your character's name or your real name. Please, don't use any other canon character names (for example Simba, Mary Poppins, Mickey mouse, and so on). We will ask you to change it if you do.

I'm registered. What next?
Great! We're always happy to have new members.
If you would like to roleplay, you need to creat your own Original character. Original character means that you creat it, you give him/her personality, skills, appearance and so on. It also means that your character is not from any films.
You can choose anything for your character such as human, animals.
If you are ready, you need to audition for your character. It means you need to write a note about it here (click on 'New Topic) including his/her personality, appearance, story, and so on. If the administrator accepts your character, you are allowed to roleplay. Please, try to be loyal to real story of The Lion King - for example, if you want a lion as Sarabi and Scar's cub, the administrator won't accept it because it conflicts with the original story.

How many characters can I have?
Maximum 5. But don't forget: if you want a new character, you have to audition for that again.

Do I have to register again if I want a new character?

My character is not accepted. What next?
Don't worry, you can audition for him/her again. Ask the Administrator to help you. Smile

My character is accepted. What next?
Great! We are happy for you, friend. Your pals are waiting for you on the roleplay field. Wink
Please, try to write full sentences and minimum one paragraph. It's easier to answer.
Unacceptable: "Ok."
Acceptable: "How are you now?" He smiled at her. He was waiting for the answer, maybe his heart beat faster than before. It was a strange feeling.

Can I have more than one character in one roleplay story?
Of course but please, tell your roleplay mates who's talking in that moment.

How can I start roleplaying?
If you have your character(s) accepted, there are two ways to start your roleplay.
1: You can create a story here and invite other members/roleplayers or
2: you get invited.
If you choose creating a story, please don't forget to submit it here (click on 'New Topic'). Please, wait until it gets accepted. If it does, the Administrator will open it here.
You can make your story 'open' what means anyone can join.

Can I join a roleplay where I am not invited?
Please, do not bother that story if you don't get invited.

Can I join open roleplays?

How can I know if I get invited?
You can check here but don't worry, the Administrator will message you.

If I get invited, do I have to join?
It's up to you. It's your decision. You don't have to.

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How To Join
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